We are indeed looking forward to jointly reaffirming our commitment for excellence and strengthening our leadership in ultrafast photonics.

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FEMTOSOURCE™ rainbow™ CEP4: Unprecedented performance and reliability Press release

INTEGRAL™ core™: world’s most compact Ti:Sapphire ultrafast oscillator.
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Carrier Envelope Phase

Generations 1-4

A decade ago, FEMTOLASERS made the development of Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP)stabilized oscillators and amplifiers a key topic. In retrospect, it must be acknowledged that the CEP decision was not just courageous, but also farsighted.

By developing a family of ultrafast lasers with CEP stable output pulses, FEMTOLASERS landed its biggest success story: The break-through into the attosecond-era. Not only being the indisputable leader in CEP stabilized ultrafast oscillators and amplifiers, FEMTOLASERS is the only manufacturer capable of supplying reliable and high quality CEP-stabilized ultrafast laser systems.

FEMTOLASERS’ pioneering spirit continuously boosts performance and reliability of the CEP stabilized ultrafast laser systems, which is manifested by currently employing  CEP3 (the 3rd CEP generation). Products from alternative manufacturers still rely on CEP1 (1st generation)  dating back to FEMTOLASERS early days in CEP, a decade ago. 

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